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In the year since publishing your 'speculative post' on algorithmic authority- a'placeholder' as you termed it-have you elaborated the idea?
Short and sweet (yes or no) is of course an option.
asked 27 days ago
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I just backed a question on kommons directed to cshirky andrewspittle kraykray Have you elaborated your idea about algorithmic authority in the past year? Question for cshirky greglinch joeybaker digidave steveraysteve mallarytenore talsafran
I haven't yet -- I work slowly, so I'm still thinking about the transfer of authority from authors to systems, and the increasing opacity of those systems to direct interpretation. We all know, for example, that Google "works", in that the results feel better than the competition, but not only can we not offer any real interpretation of _why_ it works, neither can anyone on Google's staff.
There is human intelligence behind the search engine, of course, but it is made unintelligible by the scale and complexity of the algorithm. (This is analogous to the inability of analysts to offer convincing accounts of _why_ IBM is trading at $147.22 as I type this.)
I made some tests around Liverpool and the related searches of the city: Liverpool FC, The Beatles, the city surroundings as Merseyside, Lancashire, its actual mayor: Joe Anderson and many more things. (Albert Dock, Cavern Club, St. George’s Hall, Crosby Beach and more)
It all ended up with exactly the same conclusión. It doesn’t matter if you use a big city with huge data like New York or any médium city such as Liverpool.
So I'll write more about it, but only after I have more to say in a way that makes sense to me.
answered 3 days ago
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Additional Context
The original post is here and, a year later, still feels pretty relevant.
27 days ago
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